Quality Education!   Educational Material; Outline & Services that are included in the
class tuition:

•        HEX entire set of DVD lessons:
Learn about all major skin colors and ethnicities

•        HEX PowerPoint lessons CD:
Latest technology and media makeup; face & eye shapes; understanding professional products;  

•        A manual textbook, Topics are:
Science of Contouring and Highlighting; Facial Improvement Techniques; Bridal Makeup Techniques;
Professional Makeup Application Techniques; Color Techniques; Light and Shadow; Different Eye Shadow
Style; Makeup Application Categories; Steps to Start a Professional Working career as a Makeup Artist

•        A digital workbook:
Students will learn on how to prepare a Period research project independently. This digital book also
contains final quiz; and all the instructions on your finals;  

•        Business 411 package
This is a portion of our online course that is created to help graduates easily start their freelance business
without any hesitation. Here are examples on business documents / contract/ agreements, as well as
employment readiness trainings to help start and run future makeup business:

A: Employment résumé sample & Interview tips and employment readiness coaching
B: Communication training: Professional email responses/ professional corresponding samples;
C: Freelance business contracts & agreements; sample documents for productions as well as wedding
D: Color chart for identifying shades (color coordination)
E: MAC Pro 40% discount application: (Our certification is accepted for MAC Pro discount card as well as
several other facilities)
F: Marketing/ business tools and coaching, Step by step on how and where to start your business after the
G: Portfolio Guides: Tips on how to create and constantly upgrade a professional portfolio; how to get a
winning portfolio to attract clients; website ideas & tools;
H: As you may already know; we also offer ongoing after graduation assistance for those with ambition to
make it big! Your success is our success!

•        2 weeks online class coaching
This is the most important part of this course; students a will be personally coached by Angie G. Ford. Quiz
feedback; answering to all of your industry related questions; Angie will send you visual feedback on your
makeup practice photos using our latest software for a better visual understanding.

•        Master certification for multimedia Makeup and Airbrushing makeup upon successful completion.
International Master Certified Makeup Artist by Hollywood Expressions Makeup School. This certificate is
identical to our On-Site class. Each Certificate is personally signed by Angie G. Ford. Selected students will
be rewarded an honor status as well as a letter of recommendation to help jump start career.

•        Certificate registration and archive for future employment reference.

•        Services that are also included to your tuition are:
Application fees, enrollment fees, shipping, handling and other fees. There is NO other cost.

Hi Angie, this is Silvia; Let me tell you that I´ve been doing
weddings and videos for Guatemalan artists, also I am so excited
to tell you that I did Miss Universe (Ximena Navarrette) Makeup, and
Miss Guatemala and Miss International. Miss Universe and Miss
Guatemala did a commercial. I also did the Make up for a Music
Video for a Guatemalan singer, everyone was amazed of the
Technique and skills that I have also The best Cosmetics (I love
your product it’s the only one I use). I am so happy that finally my
ever need anything please let me know.  
 Silvia  Sinay Honors
It's Taja Lee, a former student .I just wanted to share with you
something I'm working on right now. I am/was responsible for
"designing" specific makeup for her line....in the fashion of Dior
and Chanel. It's been WORKING!!!   I just want to thank you again
for all you taught me through your classes and let you know I'm
fulfilling my DREAM!   Taja Lee,
Online HD Media Master Class (phase 1 & 2)       Tuition costs & Students Benefits
Costs: $2895 covers  Online Master Certificate Course + Airbrush kit +  Airbrushing
Certification + Deluxe Pro HEX Makeup Artist kit =  $2895.00  Free ship USA & CN/ No other
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Professional Online & On-Site Master Certificate  High Fashion Multimedia & HD Makeup Classes!
Tips on how to earn top $ in
the beauty industry:

A: Professionalism: People
don’t just pay for your talent
(skill) they also pay for your
personality since they choose
to spend a good hour on your
chair. Read my tips below on
professional approach.

B: Hygiene:
Smart & rich who could afford
to pay big bucks are very
sensitive & observant. Read
my tips on how to present
professional hygiene.  

C: Talent:
Artists skill level must be
above 80% scale in order to
get you to the top & earn  the
top money. Keep working on

D: Tools:
Be sure to have presentable
kit, professional products &
up to date tools &

E: Up to date with new trend
& fashion:
Be sure to follow new styles
& new techniques by
attending the trade show &
online videos.

People who are willing to pay
big money for a good service
go to a salon or spa that is
located in the posh part of

G: Professional appearance:
Artist must look like a star &
shine. Professional hair; hip
outfit & a cool makeup
application is a must!

By Angie G Ford
see here to learn more