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Useful Tips: Professional
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1-        Professional Tools:
2-        Proper Techniques:
3-        Personal Adaptation:

1-Professional Tools: Right products & tools will lead to success!
Proper tools will aid a student to achieve a better result. One must know what the right tool is and where
to find it and how to “use” a proper tool in order to optimize the result of the application. With no
professional products & tools how could you generate a professional result? A professional school must
provide students with proper tools; cosmetics & techniques. At Hollywood Expressions HEX Makeup
school we have put together the most efficient professional HD cosmetics and tools that are available to
our students only. This will increase the rate of success dramatically.

2-Proper Techniques will aid artists to become more confident & competent:
Knowing the tool & knowing how to use it. There are many ways that you can use the same tool. There
are many different applications & many techniques to enhance and improve a facial feature. There are
many mixes and blends to get a proper shade of eye shadow or foundation. All of these techniques must
be learned in order to improve and speed your journey to become a skilled, professional makeup artist.
Why should you spend years and years to discover something that is already been invented? At HEX
makeup school will provide abundance of techniques to train confident & competent graduates for the
work filed.

3-Personal Adaptation: This section can be divided in two subdivisions:
A- Physical Adaptation.
B- Psychological Adaptation.

A: Physical Adaptation Practices:
Physical adaptations are referred to muscle control, visual symmetry and color sensitivity, hand
movement, and brush control. It is only earned by practice, patience, and time. Have you ever tried to play
an instrument? How about when you wanted to learn how to drive a car? In the beginning, everything is
so uncomfortable, but slowly, little-by-little, your physical body will memorize all of the movements and
important things that must be done. It all becomes easy and part of your routine; you just have to give it a
little time and practice. At HEX makeup classes students will get introduced to more details & techniques
on how to earn physical adaptation.

B: Psychological Adaptation:
In my opinion, psychological adaptation is the most important of all. What are some of the examples of
psychological work? Self- discipline, courage, social skills, business collections (asking for money);
marketing strategy, positive thinking, getting organized, and self-motivation, just to name a few, are some
of the must-earned psychological adaptations.

Without self- discipline you won’t be able to get enough or sufficient practice. Without courage and inner
strength you can’t go on and take a client’s criticism.  Without social skills, there is no way that you can be
successful in business, negotiation, collections, marketing, or having a free-lance business.
At HEX makeup school we provide way; guideline, tools & coaching to help graduates find their inner
strength become confident & make their way to top!

The road to success is paved with constant learning, endurance, and compromise! You need a mentor to
show you the road & a map to lead you the way but before that you need to make the decision to move

By Angie G Ford

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